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ur public school systems and colleges and universities continue to supply a qualified workforce into our growing communities. Our dedicated educators and community leaders are meeting the challenges of the future by offering
an education and a framework to meet educational challenges on all fronts. They offer the best possible chance at success with both liberal arts and vocational learning. Parents and guardians have their choice of both public and private schools with grades kindergarten through 12th.
The county includes Greenwood School Districts 50, 51 and 52 with magnet programs as well as seven private schools. Upon enrollment, students in the Greenwood County public school system are assigned to a home school based on their residential addresses. Transportation is provided for those who wish to take advantage of the bus system.
Greenwood School District 50 serves families in the Greenwood metro area. This school system consists of 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 2 high schools, a technology center, and an adult education center. Families may also choose to enter the Greenwood District 50 magnet schools for middle school. Magnet schools offer students an opportunity to focus on a particular theme or curriculum while receiving the S.C. Standard Course of Study. District 50 offers three magnet-school programs in the Brewer, Northside and Westview middle schools: science, technology, engineering
and math (STEM); arts, communication and theatre school (ACTS); and advancement via individual determination (AVID).
Any student can apply to any magnet program within the Greenwood District 50, but they must meet the program’s eligibility requirements prior to applying and must agree to fulfill program requirements to remain enrolled.
Greenwood School District 51 serves families in the Ware Shoals community, as well as students from Abbeville and Laurens counties. Two of the three schools are located in the town limits of Ware Shoals (Greenwood County) while the other school is located in Laurens County.
Greenwood School District 52 serves families in the Ninety Six community and has one pre-school, one elementary school, one middle school, and a high school.
Please see school chart for all district schools.
The Greenwood Promise is a place-based last-dollar scholarship program designed to reach beyond the boundaries of economic need and academic ability. As such, the Promise awards funds to offset the remaining balance of postsecondary tuition and mandatory fees for eligible high school graduates whose primary residence is zoned for Districts 50, 51 or 52.
Initial Promise awards began with the Spring high school
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