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area’s quality of life remains a major focus in planning for the future.
According to Greenwood Regional Tourism and Visitors Bureau,
over 30% of their 2,000+ visitors consider making Greenwood County their home because of the many community events, festivals, parks, championship golf communities, and restaurants. Some of these features appeal to everyday life as well. While Greenwood offers major retail options with chain and department stores, its Uptown area features boutiques, specialty gift shops,
and more. Residents and visitors
will find a multitude of places of worship in most every denomination. Home to Self Regional Healthcare, Greenwood’s healthcare system offers state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated healthcare professionals for its residents.
The many community development organizations in
our area work with each other to make your visit to Greenwood enjoyable, whether it is for business or pleasure. We hope this publication will assist you in navigating the attractions, events, activities, and great places to stay in our charming destination. We know you will enjoy staying with us and hope that you will take advantage of all of the remarkable things Greenwood has to offer.
onsidering the number of people building homes in the Greenwood area today for primary as well as secondary homes, it comes as no surprise that the
banks, insurance companies and undertakers. Area historians have credited several “pillars” with shaping the Greenwood of today, and those were in place from the outset. One was an early special interest of Greenwood residents in educating students. By the time of its chartering in 1857, Greenwood had schools that were already 25 years old.
A second foundation for Greenwood’s continued prosperity was the initiative and hard work of its founders and early settlers in providing transportation facilities; first railroads, then highways and an airport.
A third key part of Greenwood’s early development was the area’s textile industry. The Greenwood community has become well known throughout the state as “an example of what can be accomplished
by unremitting energy and boundless self-reliance” and Greenwood’s “hospitable and progressive” people welcome “all who may come" to their town. These characteristics are still present today.
For over a century, the Greenwood SC Chamber of Commerce has grown to become the largest business organization serving the greater Greenwood area. Recognized as a leader for business success, strategic economic growth and community development, the Chamber helps create a vibrant and healthy business environment in which members can grow and thrive.
With a mission of championing business and advocating for the community, the Chamber remains focused on serving its members in the areas of Advocacy, Business, Leadership, and Economic Growth. Accredited by
the Carolinas Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (CACCE), the Greenwood SC Chamber is one of only 25 accredited chambers of more than 200 in the Carolinas. The CACCE represents approximately 120 Chambers in both North and South Carolina.
Advocacy: The Greenwood SC Chamber continues
to be a strong voice for local businesses in the public policy arena. Your Chamber partners with other Upstate chambers through the Upstate Chamber Coalition and the SC Chamber to have your voice heard in Columbia and in Washington, D.C. The Chamber also has an active Advocacy Committee that works closely with its lobbyists to keep its membership informed of current legislative issues that may impact local businesses and our area economy. Several advocacy events are offered annually and include a Legislative Breakfast, State
of the City & County, Hill Talk events with federal officials, Governor’s Luncheon, candidate forums, and
a Candidate Academy, designed to educate interested candidates who seek political office.
first residence here was built in 1823 by John McGehee, Jr. as a summer home for him and his bride. This 600- acre plantation was named Green Wood by McGehee’s wife, Charlotte. This area today, called Green Wood Village, is located in the East Cambridge Avenue area. When the first railroad came through in 1852, it moved the center of the village to its present-day location since stores and businesses began to locate around the depot. This marked the beginning of developing the “widest Main Street in the world” and the Square, now referred to as Uptown Greenwood.
During the last half of the nineteenth century in Greenwood, considered a railroad town, merchants dealt in groceries, general merchandise, dry goods, farmer’s supplies, furniture, rice, and cotton. There were also

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