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Easley Chamber of Commerce
Letter From the President                                           4 Letter From the Mayor                                               5 Letter From the Board Chairman                               6 Chamber Sta                                                            6 Easley Chamber of Commerce Board Members         7
Introduction                                                              8 History                                  10 Community Services                                               10 Powdersville Business Council Advisory Board         11
Growth & Development
Introduction                              12 Utility Services                                                         14 Commercial Services                                               16 Financial Institutions                                               17 Tax Services                                                             18
Introduction                                                            19 Hospitals                                 19 Specialty Services                                                     20 Home Care                                                             24 Retirement Communities                                         24
Introduction                                                            25 Public/Private Schools                                             25 Colleges and Universities                     26
1. An icon of downtown Easley and a great place to enjoy the sounds in great swing chair.
2. Baptist Easley Hospital has been a part of the upstate South Carolina community since 1958.
3. This new YMCA is a $7 million dollar community investment and is a branch of the Pickens County YMCA association.
4. Thousands attend the final game for the Big League Baseball World Series.
Useful Information & Charts
Manufacturers & Distributors                                 16 Financial Services                                                     18 Healthcare Services                                                  22 Area Schools                                                            28 Real Estate (Agents / Appraisers / Developers)         31 Apartments                                                              31 Insurance Agencies                                                   33 Churches                                                                 34 Restaurants                                                              38 Lodging                                                                   41 Advertisers Index                                                     44
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Neighborhoods & Housing
      29       30       32       33       34       34
 e Arts                                          
Art & Natural History                    
Sports Recreation & Events       
Auto Sales/Services/Repair                                       39 Restaurants/Catering                        40 Shopping                                                                 41 Lodging/Bed & Breakfast                                         41 Facts, Figures and Demographics           42 Advertisers Index                     44 Membership Listing (Alphabetical)       A-1 Business Pages (Classified Listings)      B-1
Real Estate                                       Retirement Community                   Insurance                                         Residential & Commercial Services Churches                                        
Lifest yles
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