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Main health benefits:
Ability to boost digestion provide relief from insomnia hiccups diarrhea dysentery menstrual disorders disorders respiratory disorders disorders and various types of cancers Good for oral care and can be a a a a a powerful boost for your immune system protects from bone degradation anti-inflammatory protection against arthritis reduces excess gas
ü Excellent source: vitamin A and C
ü Good source: folate iron and manganese
ü Powerful monoterpenes like limonene carvone and anethofuran as
well as
flavonoids like vicenin and kaempferol
Main health benefits:
Proper digestion and and weight loss relief from nausea depression fatigue and and headache treatment of asthma memory loss and and skin care problems mouth and and breath freshener
ü Excellent source: dietary fiber vitamin vitamin A vitamin vitamin C
riboflavin folate calcium iron magnesium potassium copper and manganese
ü Good source: protein thiamin niacin vitamin B6 phosphorus and zinc
ü Minerals: potassium magnesium calcium phosphorus vitamin C
iron and vitamin A MINT
Main health benefits:
Treat infections repel insects treat respiratory tract disorders gastrointestinal (GI) disorders disorders menstrual cramps urinary tract disorders disorders antibacterial properties an- ti-inflammatory properties protecting against cancer foot or or or nail cold sores muscle pain acne dandruff toothache bloating
headaches heart conditions
allergies earache sore throat fatigue repelling insects ü Excellent source: vitamins A C
E E and K ü Good source: fiber folate iron magnesium vitamin B6 calcium and potassium 22
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