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Phytochemical Fruits/Veggies
Disease Prevention
Capsaicin (peppers)
Cherry hot and mini sweet peppers heirloom & tear- drop tomatoes large and small papayas
Cancer (especially prostate) cardiovascular disease evidence for osteoporosis and diabetes diabetes arthritis asthma diabetes diabetes high cholesterol musculoskeletal pain
Anthocyanins (type of flavonoid)
Blackberries blueberries purple purple asparagus purple purple baby carrots radicchio raspberries red endive
Neurodegenerative disease (alzheimer’s) blood clots cancer cardiovascular disease diabetes inflammation metabolic syndrome
Alpha & Beta-carotenes
Baby carrots habanero & mini sweet peppers mango small & large papayas
snap peas sunburst squash teardrop and yellow beefsteak tomatoes tomatillo
Antioxidant effects cancer (especially prostate & lung) cardiovascular disease vi- sion health (cataracts macular degeneration photosensitivity disorders)
White Yellow
Orange Flavonoids
Green/white asparagus pa- paya starfruit yellow beans yellow baby carrot Neurodegenerative disease (alzheimer’s) antioxidant effects cardiovascular disease inflammation osteoporosis cancer/tumors ulcers viruses vision health Yellow/Green
Lutein & Zeaxanthin Limonene (citrus)
Anaheim & Hungarian wax peppers arugula avocado baby baby carrots baby baby zucchini Belgian endive
English peas green green asparagus french green green beans kalettes limes mache patty pan squash radicchio snow and sugar snap peas tomatillo
Vision health (cataracts & macular degeneration) breast cancer cancer colon cancer cancer cardiovascular disease type 2 diabetes ronchitis cancer treatment & prevention (especially pancreatic) heartburn and gastric reflux
Green Indoles Glucosinolates
Arugula brussel sprouts cubanelle finger hot jalapeño kalettes mache po- blano serrano watercress
Hypertension diabetes cancer (prostate and breast specifically) cardiovascular disease tumors 44 www maglioproduce com HEALTH BENEFITS

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