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Ensure that the heart of your home is just right for your lifestyle
 Renovating your kitchen is probably one of the most expensive and time-consuming tasks you can do in your home. Most people retain their kitchen for an average of 11 years before renovating it so it’s vital
that the design is future proof and works for your lifestyle. There are new kitchen trends every year but it’s important to pick a style with longevity.
In addition, technology is constantly moving forwards and it is being applied in ways that none of us could have dreamt of ten years ago. With the help of industry experts, we look at some of the ways to get your new kitchen on track for 2020.
Technology has entered the kitchen
in full force and not just in the form
of fancy gadgets and appliances. Today, you can have a kitchen with technology integrated into every function and appliance, from the taps to the fridge to the lighting. Samsung’s Smart fridge freezers feature WiFi enabled touch screens which can act as an entertainment centre, interactive memo board, view what is inside your fridge and keep a track of expiry dates and food shopping lists. Look out for Smart ovens which offer touch screen controls, in-oven cameras and link via an App to your smart phone so you can even turn on your oven before you step through your front door. We also like the Quatreau Touch tap from British company PureH20, which is the first and only touchscreen kitchen tap to dispense pure filtered water in five ways – boiling, chilled, sparkling, hot and cold.
As kitchen islands incorporating a hob have become more popular so has the need for seamless extraction without a bulky ceiling hung extractor or external wall flue. Manufacturers have answered the call with two-in- one induction hobs with integrated extractors that work in harmony for pure convenience and functionality. Additionally, sleek, hidden extractor fans that appear at a touch of the
Bertazzoni Professional Series Dual Fuel Range Cooker, £4949, available from John Lewis. See for details
button will show no sign of slowing down in popularity. Both options are stylish and ideal for freeing up space in the kitchen. We especially like BORA’s integrated extraction systems which have a 100 per cent ‘clean rate’ removing all grease, cooking smells and steam as you cook into an easily cleaned filter.
A dramatic change was evident at all the recent trade shows for 2020, one which might have us Brits reaching for the smelling salts. Yes, wrap-around wall hung cabinets are no more. Trend- setting kitchens will feature one wall
of lower cabinets and countertops,
a larger island, and floor-to-ceiling storage in the rest of the space. Think of storage walls as the modern equivalent of the classic butler's pantry – updated for today's smaller spaces. Wall hung cupboards can be replaced by open shelving – make it matte black with a metal frame to be bang on trend.
Dark, matte finishes for kitchen cabinets
and countertops will be ubiquitous in 2020. Grey has been popular for a few years now but navy-blue cabinets are hot on its heels. For the brave and/or fashion forward try dark green or dark aubergine, both of which look amazing with brass accents. Add open shelves, glass fronted cabinets, marble effect worktops and a pop of colour from accessories to make sure the look isn’t too heavy.
With the general trend of kitchens for 2020 veering on the side of minimalism, it’s a surprise to note another trend
– for brightly coloured, statement appliances, especially ovens. Fashion maestros Dolce & Gabbana have developed a line of appliances with retro brand Smeg, inspired by the Sicilian countryside, which would certainly prove a talking point at your next dinner party. Pastel coloured Aga style ovens have long been fashionable, however there’s a new trend towards bright, primary coloured range-style ovens such as those from Italian heritage brand Bertazzoni, which pair traditional looks with a pop of contemporary colour.

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