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It is strange to conceive that the Roaring Twenties, a time known for optimism and dramatic social and political change, began
100 years ago. This decade saw new technologies, especially automobiles, moving pictures and radio bringing ‘modernity’ to large parts of the population.
In the home, modernism was taking
off, with the setting up of the Bauhaus, and shocking the world with its pared- down austere look. Architects began designing objects for the home, such
as coffee sets and radios, as well as buildings. In the middle of the decade, Art Deco was showcased in Paris and became the significant new style. Jazz and dancing were rising in popularity, in stark contrast and in opposition to the mood of the recently ended World War I, it became known as the Jazz Age.
So, I wonder what the next set of ‘20s will bring for the generations beyond to look back on, and consider its impact on society?
While I am certainly not qualified to contemplate the potential global political and macroeconomic changes, I am more than happy to share my thoughts on what could be
in store for the property market and consider how the decade might play out.
As with the ‘20s, I do believe a significant shift and change will take place in how and where we live,
but also in what role we, as property professionals, will deliver in people’s lives. At Redbrik, we’re always looking to serve our clients’ needs and add value. So, as we enter the next decade we are considering, what the role of
an estate agent is in 2020, and how we can be more relevant and enrich our offer to you.
Firstly, I have never been fond of the term ‘estate agent’, it conjures up images of the sleazy, disingenuous, shiny suit salesman from the 1980s. That is not Redbrik. I talk instead about how we are a client’s Property Agent.
I know it is only a subtle change, but one I hope helps differentiate what we do and are about. We want to have a long-lasting and personal relationship with our clients relating to all things property.
We don’t want to just transact with customers once every decade, but
to actually help, advise and plan throughout your lifetime relationship with property. Whether that is renting, buying, selling or letting, we know how good decisions in property can have a positive impact on people’s lives. We want to help more people make more
sound decisions about their property options.
In the same way that you have a financial advisor for mortgages or pensions, who knows you personally and to whom you return for advice and support, we want to be your agent for all things related to your property. That’s why in 2020, we will be adding to our offer, launching new and exciting services to help us fulfil that ambition.
For me, it’s clear that estate agents have needed to evolve for some time. A lot of the big corporate agencies have been failing badly for several years. The results and losses in these businesses are frightening for all concerned not least the staff and
their remaining customers. It seems these companies that were set-up to help the customer have morphed into organisations whose only role is to serve the shareholders, not the end-user.
Similarly, the much-hyped online revolution of self-service ‘estate agency’, with its one-size-fits-all
listing approach, is not delivering for customers either. Selling or managing a home is a personal and very individual process. To provide a quality service that realises the best results for clients can, in my opinion, never be achieved through cheap, fixed upfront payments for just listing a property.
The results of online listing firms have

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