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It could be said that someone who uses orange has a great deal of con dence with their style. Orange also makes a space seem
Roses are red and violets are blue. But what does it mean if
your walls are red too? You are likely the kind of person who wants to make a statement, who would enjoy people coming into the home and saying ‘wow’. It’s an attention-getter. That’s what the (red-user) wants. You’re also probably more extroverted.
Blue is associated with constancy, dependability and loyalty. Someone who paints all or part of a room blue could value those qualities and want to bring them into the home. Blue is a favorite color the world over. Likely because blue is the color of the sky on a nice day.
Green is reminiscent of the great outdoors? Natural shades of green have a soothing e ect. We breathe more deeply in a green environment. Maybe that’s why green can give your creative side a boost, too. Shades of green are linked to more creative thought. If you’re someone who does creative work, you might want to use that in a home o ce.
Purple paint for a room could signal a more creative personality because it’s a complex color. It may indicate that you have very sophisticated tastes. Or that you’re a trend follower on the cutting edge of what’s hot. Purple shades can be a design hot button.
Chocolate or Deep Espresso? If this is the color on your walls, you may have your favorite co ee haunt to thank. Brown can be a very friendly, warm, and social color. Very rich, and even elegant.
If you want to  nd out what those gray walls say about you, look
at them in the context of the entire room. Grays tend to be very sophisticated choices. So the people selecting that paint for their walls could have a sophisticated color palette. Gray shades can
tend toward the masculine and have continued to be very popular. Homeowners who use gray could be a bit more safe and reserved themselves.
White and related shades of o -white, eggshell, cream and the like, could mark you as extremely sophisticated and design- savvy. Or they might reveal that you’re totally overwhelmed by color. Sometimes, white walls signal a  rmly developed design sense, especially if you’ve paired that color selection with modern or minimalist design. (Picture a high-end art gallery.) White is the default selection for people who don’t know what to do with, or are overwhelmed by, color. But white shades are beginning to come back into vogue again.
Now you know what room color says about personality.

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