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The good news is that the repairs should be complete before next winter, except for the Gleason Beach realighment.
Residents and visitors can find real time closure and traffic updates at
If you are heading to the coast from Hwy 101 and your destination is Bodega Bay, get there via Highway 1 south or Highway 12 west from Sebastopol. If your destination is Jenner, go west on Highway 116 along the Russian River, then you can head south to parks and your favorite beaches.
waiting list. They promised to review all roadways that need to become a priority.
There are several other areas that need to be put on an immediate list for repairs such as the hill that is coming down where the local church sits. Caltrans recognized that it needs to be repaired, but this location is on a long
  If heading north along Highway One, there really is no way to avoid delays at road repair sites. CalTrans has traffic signals and flaggers at one-lane reductions, especially where visibility is impaired.
Norma Jellison, a well-known and respected resident said “I thought it was one of the best meetings from standpoint of listening to the community and being responsive on the spot - like suggesting the Quickmap app to get real time updates, explaining why one-way control was put in place due to worsening road failure
& concern for public safety, committing
to flaggers at both one way control
areas, cooperating with Fire Dept to prioritize emergency access AND assuring there will be no detours via Bay Hill!”
Employees of Caltrans, will be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until Highway 1 just south of Bay Hill Road is repaired.
In attendance was the Director of District
4, Tony Tavares. This is the first time a high- level representative from Caltrans has come to one of these meetings. Michelle Tucker, Acting Chief Deputy for Caltrans, presented the plans and responded in a positive manner to the suggestions from residents.
The limited view in this tight turn makes it impossible to utilize traffic control lights rather than Flaggers. This will also help move traffic much faster since it is not on
a timer which can extend the delay. Plans have not been finalized as to how they are going to repair the road and replace the damaged culvert. although they are fast- tracking permits.
If you would like to receive updates & meeting notices from Caltrans on
these projects contact arnica.maccarthy@ You can also visit for Gleason Beach updates.
“Caltrans is working on six emergency repairs at five locations along Sonoma Route 1 from Bodega Bay to just North of Jenner. These projects repair slides and culverts damaged through winter storms.
We recognize one-way traffic control is a hindrance over summer months. Unfortunately, further coastal erosion and deterioration left
us with no choice but to implement these emergency lane closures.
Three of the projects are already underway, and the remaining will start in July 2019. All repairs will be finished before Winter 2019, and Caltrans will work hard to make sure the one- way traffic controls in place minimize travel delays for visitors and residents alike.
We understand the critical role of Highway 1 in the coastal communities and will do all we can do work quickly and safely and provide continuous accessibility. Flaggers work in shifts to keep the work going seven days a week.
 Caltrans and local citizens discourage people from using Bay Hill Road to avoid repair-site delays. Bay Hill Road is on the county list to be repaved in 2020/21 and
is Bodega Bay’s Emergency Tsunami & Disaster Evacuation route, but it has been referred to as a “Goat Trail” due to its poor condition, tight turns, and narrow lanes.
 Locals reported the deteriorating roadway just south of Bay Hill Road on February 19th to Caltrans which placed white markers because the roadway slumped to the side white line with a gaping hole underneath what was left of the roadway. Last week Caltrans put small A-frame flashers alerting drivers of danger. This week they shut
the lane down. County has promised to expedite the permits and repairs should be completed over the next few months.
 The Gleason Beach Project has been a long, drawn out mess for Caltrans. It is
the section where homes have fallen into the ocean and the road is going with them. The recent closure to one lane with traffic lights is now in place.
We also have a longer-term project, the Gleason Beach Realignment Project, which will shift Route 1 approximately 400 feet inland for 3/4 mile at Gleason Beach and add an 850-foot bridge over Scotty Creek. This project offers a permanent solution to the rapidly eroding bluff at Gleason Beach, which is eroding due to wave action at approximately one foot per year.
Over $10 Million in band-aid fixes has been spent to unsuccessfully shore up this roadway and it is expected to cost over $60 Million when finally completed in 5 years. Emergency repairs of 1,000 feet of roadway are scheduled over
the next few months to keep Highway 1 open until major repairs can be completed. There’s not workable detour along this stretch of the road. If the road were to be completely closed, motorists would have a 45-minute detour.
This project will open up Scotty Creek and restore fish passage and protect important environmental and cultural resources. The bridge will include bike and pedestrian elements, and we will relinquish existing State Route 1 at this location to the County of Sonoma for development as a park and other natural recreation. This project is scheduled for completion in five years.
Both the emergency work and the Gleason Beach Realignment will be funded through the SHOPP (State Highway Operation and Protection Program) funds, which have dedicated resources to rapidly work on emergency conditions. Much of the work done using SHOPP funds will also be eligible for federal reimbursement. Caltrans is working to keep delays to a minimum so visitors can still enjoy the Bodega Bay Area.” ~ Michelle Tucker, Acting Chief Deputy Director, CalTrans District 4
One concern for the Bodega Bay Fire & Paramedics is how to timely respond to an emergency with the road closures.
With numerous rescues at beaches, especially during high tourism season, Caltrans promised to work closely with emergency services to develop a plan, which may even include staging emergency vehicles on both sides of closures.
Bodega Bay residents expressed they want to become a “priority” to Caltrans. Waiting until the roads collapse is not safe.
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