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STRAWBERRIES cont’d from page 22
The little shacks have their own personality and charm. They are
a throwback to a simpler time with painted signs on the walls and handwritten price lists. The sellers are sweet and friendly and happy. The whole experience has only one possible outcome. The trip to the patch has one simple result, just one thing comes out of the deal, because for just one little flickering moment at least, you’ll smile your best true smile, the smile from the heart. It’s Strawberry Patch Time in Sonoma County.
Our favorite patches around the county: Watmaugh Strawberry Patch, 1120 Watmaugh Rd., Sonoma. Drop dead, stop
my heart, killer strawberries at the crossroads of Watmaugh & Arnold Drive. Life is good.
Kenwood Strawberry Patch, 9250 Hwy 12, Kenwood. The powerful flavor of these deliciously fresh morsels will send shivers of joy down your spine. These strawberries are fantastic!
Lao’s Strawberry Patch, 5556 Sebastopol Ave./Hwy 12, Sebastopol. “Turn the car around and go get another box, honey, because this box isn’t going to make it home. In fact, let’s just stay here all day eating Lao’s strawberries.” These strawberries are so good!
Stony Point
725 Stony Point Rd., Petaluma. Pulling into the parking lot and walking all the way up to the little sales shack takes too long at Stony Point Strawberries! You’ll probably want to run the
make you think you’ve hit the strawberry powerball jackpot.
Wenn Strawberry Patch, (around 2161 N. Petaluma Blvd., Petaluma.) Shhh, it isn’t on any map). Why eat anything else for, like, a week? Just one taste of Wenn’s Strawberry’s intensely bright and sumptuous flavor will have you buying a whole flat instead of a box.
Front Porch Farm, 2550 Lindon Ave, Healdsburg. (Tasted at the Marin Farmers Market). Delightful strawberry essence oozes from these berries. I just want to go to that U-Pick day mid-month for down home family fun.
Question: How many strawberries can I possible pick? Answer: At Front Porch Farm, not enough!
Pete’s Strawberry Custard Ice Cream
There are two pieces to make, the fruit flavoring and the cream base. Get both as cold as possible before churning for more dense, less airy ice cream. This custard has a mild flavor with a long lingering strawberry finish, perfect for sweeter syrups or swirls on top. I like a little drizzle of balsamic.
     Strawberry Patch,
 20 yards or so... The large tasty red globes that will
       Sweet Cream Base
Fruit Flavoring
2 eggs
1 pint heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
Tsp vanilla
Approx. 1/3- 1⁄2 cup brown sugar depending upon preference
1 Tbl Molasses
At least 1 pint strawberry 1 Tbs fresh lemon juice
1⁄4 cup brown sugar
Mix each part and add together, get the flavor to your liking with balsamic, rose water, or other additions and churn until firm.
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