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   Women Take Center Stage in the Classics
“How can you not love this effervescent, irresistible and infectious music?”
music director Mary Chun exclaims when thinking of Gioacchino Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville.” The upcoming Cinnabar Theater production of this beloved comic opera is dynamic and satisfying. “It takes a unique type of voice to sing the rapid passage work...and we have an exceptional group of singers for the show,” Chun
continues. “The intimate ambience of Cinnabar brings the opera to another level of expression that can’t be produced in larger venues.”
Set in the lush “Gilded Age” of the late 19th century, the scenery and production design is inspired by Rosina, the story’s heroine. “She is a modern woman trapped in a gilded cage... and she is not going to go gently into anyone’s goodnight” director Elly Lichenstein explains. “A great bonus for singing in English is that the jokes will occur in real time—audiences can be wholly connected.”
After a its run at Cinnabar, the production will be moving to other venues in the Bay Area, thanks to a partnership with Pocket Opera and its founder Donald Pippin. This delightful,
Almavia (Sergio Gonzalez) & Rosina (Maya laugh-out-loud funny and thought-provoking Kherani). Photo: Veronique Kherian. story “has it all” according to Lichenstein, and is
the “perfect first opera for the uninitiated.”
“The Barber of Seville” June 7 - 23 Fri/Sat: 8p, Sun:t 2p Tickets: $40 General, $37 Seniors (Friday/Saturday) Cinnabar Theater, 3333 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, (707) 763-8920
      The Witches Cut is an edited version of William Shakespeare’s play that focuses on female characters and their struggle for religious rights. Avilynn Pwyll has re-imagined the text from an unusual perspective. “Scotland was primarily Christian, yet the playwright managed to weave into his story the ongoing struggle of those who, to this day, practice modern versions of their ancient, indigenous, nature-based religion.”
 Pwyll interprets the political intervention of the witches as an attempt to protect their way of life. It is Lady Macbeth and her violent grab for power that twists the magick into darkness, which is why Hecate intervenes.
“Where Shakespeare simply writes such instructions as ‘they sing and dance,’ we have included beautiful chants,” explains Pwyll and director Michael Tabib. This unusual interpretation of ‘Macbeth’ enhances the supernatural elements and will be an exciting experience in Monte Rio.
“Macbeth, The Witches’ Cut” May 31 – June 22
Photo by Chris Reid
Fri/Sat at 8p, Sun at 2p. Tickets: $20 General, $15 Seniors / Students
June 22 Buffet Gala: $50 Donation. Curtain Call Theater, 20347 HWY 116, Monte
Rio , (707) 524-8739 6/19 - - 69
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