Page 13 - pcsanz annual report 2020
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 Prisoner (Paihere) Story
Getting Out of a Dark Place
I was in a really bad way when I came back into prison. I had just been through the hardest ordeal in my life – the passing of my beloved wife.
I was falling into a dark place, and I felt lost. But on remand there wasn’t any help I could get, so the unit staff referred me to the chaplain. When I first spoke to him one-on-one,
I explained what I had been through and how I was feeling. I was comfortable to really talk honestly about my grief, and I walked out of that room a lot lighter.
With ongoing sessions and some useful resources, like brochures and a journal, I am in a good state of mind and have a better outlook on life. Now I am planning for my future after my release.
If I hadn’t engaged with the chaplain, I honestly don’t know what would’ve happened to me. God bless him.

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