Page 15 - Prison Chaplaincy Annual Report 2019
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   A Gradual & Ongoing Journey
I have a long history of offences, many of them fueled by alcohol or drugs. When I first met my chaplain, I was a repeat offender in the High-Security Segregated Unit of the prison.
I was attending a weekly Bible study group, led by one of the faith-based volunteers, and asked my chaplain for a Bible. As time went on and our relationship grew, he would pray with me and give me more study resources and communion.
It has not been a Damascus Road experience, but a gradual and ongoing journey.
My whole life has changed ā€“ thanks to God showing me the way forward. Corrections staff have noticed the change in my attitude. Iā€™m now in the Self Care Units and am looking forward to a parole hearing soon ā€“ but I am leaving the outcome of that up to God.
I have spent a lot of time planning for my future because I know there may be difficulties facing me when I am eventually released. But I know the faith I have found in prison will be my biggest strength.

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