Page 22 - Prison Chaplaincy Annual Report 2019
P. 22

Ma¯ori make up 52% of the prison population, and PCSANZ recognises that we can do better to respond to their needs.
Doing better for Ma¯ori is a focus which is aligned with Corrections' new Hokai Rangi strategy. Corrections want to drastically reduce the number of Ma¯ori in prison.
Not enough of our volunteers and chaplains identify as Ma¯ori and so we are looking at ways of facilitating more involvement from iwi, beginning by talking with the Ma¯ori sectors of the churches to discuss how best to build those relationships.
Another area of development is improving the chaplains’ and volunteers’ skill in te reo and their understanding of Te Ao Ma¯ ori. The volunteer evaluation project showed that up to one-third of volunteers across the various sites expressed enthusiasm to develop their te reo skills so they can work better with Ma¯ori paihere (prisoners). National and regional training for chaplains (and increasingly for volunteer assistant chaplains) is providing more opportunities for staff to learn skills that will better serve the paihere.

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