Page 5 - 2019 Bennington Luxury Performance Boats
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Aggression embodied, obsession personi ed; tamed only by those who share an equal passion. Featured on pages 4 - 7
Its sharp stylish body line and exquisite interior upholstery de ne the QX series heritage. Featured on pages 8 - 13
Nautical themes adorn
the Q series silhouette
making it instantly distinguishable (recognizable). Featured on pages 14 - 27
Striking  uent lines
and a sporty masculine stance merge together
to epitomize luxury sport Featured on pages 28 - 29
Classic elegance, perfect balance of re nement and performance make the R series the most natural feeling boat on the water. Featured on pages 30 - 37
At the nucleus of our heritage
is a design language that
fuses perfectly sophistication, performance and value; this is the G series. Featured on pages 38 - 45
Purposefully poised, but energetic and unimpeded, our SX Premium series is youthfully waiting to be enjoyed. Featured on pages 46 - 55
Inspiring the celebration of life on the water; SX adoringly epitomizes our expression of warm, sunny days spent with family and friends. Featured on pages 56 - 63
Unbiased and profound, the S series provides an unmatched balance of amenities and value. Featured on pages 64 - 73

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