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Rose Gold & Diamonds
                                                  Reg $600

                                                                                          C179            C178
                       Rose Gold
                       Over Silver       2 in 1 Necklace in Silver with Simulated Diamonds
 G129  G130  G86

                                             Wear it open              G93
 Stems                                        or closed.              $129
 & Gems  G84                                                         Reg $195
 E68                       G127                                                             Forever Together  TM
                           $129                                                           in Silver & Diamonds
                          Reg $195
 G84  Created Emerald                                                                   ... a celebration of the unbreakable
 Sterling   Karma Necklaces                                                                    bond you share.
 Silver   Gemstone Rings  G85  Created Ruby  Embraceable You  TM                               C179 or C178
 with   The love you give is equal to the love you receive.  in Gold  G86  Created Sapphire
 Freshwater   Wear One or More  Your Choice   in Gold & Diamonds                               Your Choice
 E67  Pearls  G129  Silver with 14K Rose Gold Overlay  $199  Reg $270  embraceable, irreplaceable you.  $199  Reg $300
 G130  Silver with 14K Yellow Gold Overlay
 E67  Earrings or E68 Pendant
 Your Choice $99  Reg $150  G135
 Your Choice $89  Reg $135

                                                                          Infinity Knot Bracelet
 1 cttw of                                                                  Rose Gold Over Silver
          G135  $299  Reg $450                                               B76  $49 Reg $75
          G136  $599  Reg $900
 G49  G43

 G41  14K  1 ct tw   $2,999  Reg $4500
 G42  14K  .35 ctw       $999  Reg $1500
                                          Our Special
 G43  14K  1/2 ctw  $1,899  Reg $2700
 G44  Matching Diamond Band Available
                  Valentine’s Day Collection
 G49  14K  1/3 ctw  $1,299  Reg $1950
 G50   Matching Diamond Band Available  G42

 P  Many items throughout this flyer are enlarged to show detail. Prices may vary due to world fluctuations in gold and diamonds. All diamond weights are approximate. All items subject
 Proudly Made
 in America  to availability. Information in this flyer is compiled with all reasonable care, but we reserve the right to make corrections in typographical errors or omissions. Most items made in America.
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