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Precision OncoMedicine Hub
From “Precision Care”
in Cancer Patients to Personalized Oncomedicine
There are more than 100 types of cancer, and each cancer type is as unique as each individual patient. Genetic sequencing of individual patient tumors has revolutionized oncology. This new genetic information has clearly demonstrated that tumors differ within a range of samples, and each patient’s individual tumor requires an equally distinct, personalized therapeutic regimen.
This is “precision care,” where molecular data from an individual patient informs the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer for that particular patient.
The Precision OncoMedicine Hub aims to transform precision oncomedicine into “personalized oncomedicine,” whereby the patient’s cancer is treated as individual and unique, becoming an integral, seminal part of the decision- making process.
Achieving this requires broad-ranging, multidisciplinary research that culminates in a multiplicity of effective and novel solutions to therapeutic intervention. The Precision OncoMedicine Hub is designed to be a platform for developing just that kind of approach; it is modeled on what is called the “NASA method.”
The Precision OncoMedicine Hub brings together 38 members from 10 academic and clinical departments, each with a special area of interest and expertise. The intense interactions among members enable a unique blending of out-of-the-box thinking with flexibility and an openness to explore new ideas.
Hub members aim to focus on one or two central problems in cancer for which there are no current solutions, and for which they are well-positioned to make significant contributions toward treatment and remedy.
By serving the Negev’s residents, the Precision OncoMedicine Hub can transform the periphery into Israel’s center for cancer treatment, and contribute to the global community at large.

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