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Wound Healing Hub
Identifying Connections and Developing Novel Treatments to Expedite Wound Healing
The Wound Healing Hub is directed at a critical area in medicine, but one that suffers from the lack of integrative research. This is to be expected as wounds are not a specific disease, nor do they represent a single discipline.
The Wound Healing Hub is unique in that it unites over 30 clinicians and more than 10 researchers, each contributing expertise and experience from the disparate fields of: diabetic wounds, lesions, scars, burns, chronic wounds, C-section complications, cardiovascular surgery, infections, vessel anastomosis, keloids, pulmonary fibrosis, and more.
The Wound Healing Hub has begun investigating this entire range of wounds, with particular focus on the commonalities between wounds and how these commonalities can be used to promote wound healing.
In the treatment of wounds, a medical team usually attends to symptoms and external manifestations. Physicians try to provide an optimal wound environment to promote healing, control infection, and manage co-morbidities. However, this conventional method is insufficient – it does not address the underlying processes that affect outcome. Wounds can become chronic, just as they can advance toward scar formation, and in worst-case scenarios, wounds can lead to life-threatening infections and resultant amputations of body limbs.
The BGU Wound Healing Hub seeks to break with conventional methodology in favor of novel methods based on vastly different approaches to wound care. The Hub seeks a deeper understanding of the underlying workings of wounds, as well as of patient needs and current shortcomings in medical care.
Hub members have established a four-stage priority system for clinical research, which specifically aims to improve the quality of life for wound patients. The Hub is committed to focusing on primary, critical issues (relegating superficial ones to the sidelines) in order to develop feasible, practical responses to wound care, while doing no harm.
Hub members come from a wide variety of disciplines. Beyond clinicians and scientists, the group also includes experts in pharmacology, biomaterials, biomedical engineering, as well as paramedical professionals.
Bringing together diverse experts to explore the interconnections between seemingly vastly different kinds of wounds will lead to more effective, customized treatments for expediting wound healing across medical conditions.
One of the first products of this collaborative framework is a special lip balm for cancer patients, currently being tested.

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