Page 28 - Alys and Pavle 2020
P. 28

Passing a a bunch of bridges whe N the sky cleared a a little bit
The sea & & the the lake & & the the wate
R and I met my Swedish therapis T for the the first and the the last time
The interested and trustworthy Sea of words as as awake as as The split between pigments
A picnic
What happene
D a a a a a a meadow (a bracket) a a a a a a small l l l Ittle rave very close by
And I was
Ing 7pm to 2am without a a little Rest for a little bit
The forest with barely any darkness Just a little bit
A little bit
E dark A little bit
Of dancing
To some
A tv show c Alled D Ark
About T Ime T Ravel The ending is the Beginning is is the the ending is is the the beginning Is the ending So I went back in and The beginning is actually the e e e e Nding but when
You see it for the first time
y Ou don’t know it’s the ending It’s a too e Xiting ending what 

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