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 Digital Gauge Panels
Ultra-lightweight gauge panels are fit with precise 2-1/16" diameter digital electronic gauges. Gauges include a digital blue LED readout and graduated scale for increased readability. Built-in warning light functions are adjustable with the touch of a finger, causing the lighting to flash in the event of a prob- lem, instantly alerting the driver. Panels are sold completely pre-wired for easy installation, and include all necessary transducers and senders.
2-Gauge Panel 67-2001
Basic digital panel includes oil pressure and water temperature gauges. Panel is 6-1/16"
3-Gauge Panel 67-3011
Assembled with oil pressure, water temperature, and oil temperature gauges, panel is
3-Gauge Panel 67-3016
         3-Gauge Panel 67-3012
Panel includes gauges for oil pressure, water temperature, and fuel pressure.
   3-Gauge Panel 67-3017
Fitted with gauges for oil pressure, water temperature, and volt meter, panel is
   4-Gauge Panel 67-4021
Panel includes oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, and fuel pressure gauges. Panel is 11"    

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