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Quick Timer 67-107
GPS sensor-equipped 2-1/16” digital gauge measures if a completed lap was faster or slower than the previous lap. Faster? Green light and the time reduction is shown in the LED display. Slower? Red light, and the display shows just how much slower. The driver can experiment with different lines on the track and get immediate feedback on lap times. Great for road courses, circle track, or any kind of racing that crosses the same starting point each lap.
 Multi-Recall Digital Tachometer 611-106 NEW!
RPM warning/shift light. Once the engine is shut off, the tach displays the (10) highest and (10) lowest RPM readings from the previous race, aiding car set-up. An RPM graph allows scrolling, choosing and replaying all RPM events as desired. Compatible with multiple cylinder engines.
   Digital Brake Bias Gauge Kit with Senders 67-101 Ultra-lightweight digital 2-1/16” brake bias gauge kit includes (2) 1600 PSI senders for front and rear
brake pressure. Gauge will display either PSI or percentage, and features a high-PSI recall function. Perfect for setting brake bias and determining how much brake pressure is being used.
  Digital Brake Bias Gauge Replacement Parts: Brake Bias Gauge Only 67-015
Replacement 1600 PSI Sender (each) 63-270
Gauge Pod Not Included

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