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        Molded Steering Wheel Pad 58-244
Steering Wheel Kill Switch 50-190
Designed for steering wheel mounting, provides driver the ability to quickly disable
ignition system in the event of a crash.
Steering Wheel Pad 58-245
Black vinyl-covered foam pad attaches to most three-spoke racing steering wheels and offers added protection to the driver
in the event of a crash. Pad is 5-3/4" diameter x 2" thick and attaches directly with three hook/loop straps.
Steering Wheel Disconnects
Lightweight, anodized aluminum disconnects allow quick removal or replacement of the steering wheel, often required to allow driver entry or exit. Designed for use with popular 3-bolt steering wheels and 3/4" diameter steering shafts, disconnects are sold complete with weld-on steel hub adapter.
                       Hex Hub 360 Degree Aluminum Disconnect 68-012 Comes complete with hardware and fasteners.
Hex-Hub Button Style
Aluminum Disconnect
Hex-hub button-style aluminum disconnect.
Fine Spline Hub 360 Deg. Aluminum Disconnect 68-015 Comes complete with hardware and fasteners.
                       Weld-On Hub Steel Adapters
for QuickCar disconnects. Welds to 3/4" O.D. steering shaft.
          Part No.
 Fits Hex-Hub Button-Style (68-010)
  Fits Hex-Hub 360° Style (68-012)
  Fits Fine Spline-Hub 360° Style (68-015)
  68-0109 68-0129

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