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 Brake Bias Gauge Panels
Brake bias gauge panels are fitted with two 1-1/2" diameter, liquid-filled pressure gauges that read from 0-1,500 PSI, allowing driver to track pressure at both the front and rear calipers. Panels include bleeders to evacuate air from the system.
   Vertical Mini Brake Bias Gauge 61-101 Vertical design panel is 2-3/4" wide x 4-1/2" high.
   Horizontal Mini Brake Bias Gauge 61-103
Horizontal design panel is 4-1/2" wide x 2-3/4" high.
           Vertical Mini Brake
Bias Gauge 61-105 Vertical design panel is 2-3/4" wide
x 4-1/2" high. Black.
Replacement Gauge 611-90
Brake Bleeder Bottle 66-700
Eliminates messy brake bleeding. Bleeder bottle has a high-grade surgical hose for a secure seal on bleeders and includes an extra nipple to put your hose on once bleeding is complete. Steel lanyard allows hanging bottle on chassis during bleeding process.
               Brake Caliper Pressure Test Kits
         Brake system troubleshooting tool allows checking brake pressure at the caliper, quickly and accurately. Each kit is packed in a neat, foam-lined case.
 Part No.
  1/8" NPT, Most Aftermarket Calipers
  10mm-1.50, GM Metric Calipers

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