Page 12 - FY17 ideastream Report to the Community Flipbook
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 EXPERIENCE and explore...
Engaging educators, children, parents and caregivers through television, digital programs and events is a focus of ideastream. Through NewsDepth, an award-winning instructional multiple media product, students connected with Ohio’s New Learning Standards. The NewsDepth team continued to develop ways to reach students in addition to visiting schools and hosting station tours. With an easily accessible online inbox and weekly polls, the program continued to expand further into a digitally immersive environment. NewsDepth’s evolution from traditional educational television show to multiple media instructional product teaches and encourages kids to engage with media in all new ways.
NewsDepth received over one million pageviews on during  scal
year 2017.
“My students and I love NewsDepth. We watch it during Social Studies to learn about current events, and it’s been a valuable resource in Science and Language Arts as well. Thank you for developing a program that informs and entertains my students.”
– An educator who incorporates the ideastream-produced NewsDepth into classroom instruction
NewsDepth received 34,665 poll votes from students actively engaging with the website.

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