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 EXPERIENCE and examine...
To empower residents to improve their health and wellness, ideastream made a commitment to the community to provide access to health resources and in-depth coverage of health issues. Reporting on key topics, such as mental health, opioids, cancer and stress, the Be Well series included multiple media stories, original documentaries and full-length broadcasts, some of which were made available on-demand. One such feature, Defeating Cancer: Precision Medicine and Personalized Care, highlighted innovative breakthroughs in the battle against cancer. Two of the patients featured in the documentary, now in remission, attended a public screening at the Idea Center.
Defeating Cancer
was narrated by businesswoman, media personality and cancer survivor Sharon Osbourne.
“Both of us listen to 90.3 WCPN for hours each day. It provides much of our news, information and commentary. We watch WVIZ/PBS at night and on the weekend. We particularly appreciate the health reporting. It is always timely and relevant.”
– Stephen and Judi M., ideastream members
This WVIZ/PBS ideastream documentary was broadcast nationally on PBS stations.

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