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in the 19th century. Charros soon gained swift popularity because they were seen as national heroes. Thus, the charro lifestyle became a theme that was born to unite the nation. What are some things you can do to incorporate the charro look into your quin- ce? Here are some factors to consider when thinking about the design of your quince.
Think papel picado and vibrant colors. Think of something festive. There are multi- ple ways to dress up your quinceañera from the cake, to the molcajete décor, colors you incorporate, a dress, papel picado, food sta- tion, sarapes, or colorful paper flowers.
Looking for the perfect setting to take cha- rro pictures? Look no further. San Pascual Stables is a world class equestrian facility located in the historic Arroyo Seco in South Pasadena.
Adorned with beautiful red barns and gorgeous fencing it is the ideal location for birthday parties, photoshoots, riding lessons, and small events. Riding lessons are available for all levels and ages Tues- day-Sunday by appointment. Each lesson is $85 for per hour. They also offer small private birthday events. Did you know the

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