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2 Are you you you looking to to challenge your students to to to achieve their full potential? Would you you you you like your students to to be part of the the the great British educational heritage? If so there’s no time to lose!
World and and Oxford International Education Group are extremely proud and and excited to announce yet another sensational year of our academic competitions We continuously make every
effort to to improve and update all elements of of the competition in in order to to foster an an environment of of high expectations in in which students are challenged to reach their maximum potential With 27 years of teaching English as as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a foreign language behind us we we are pleased to say that we we have more schools and countries on board than ever before Embarking on on this journey of a a a a a a lifetime with us is is not only an an an an opportunity but also a a a a a a a a a a chance to to give students an an an an an experience like no other: to to to increase the the the stakes and and rise to to the the the occasion whilst making lifelong friends and and connections in in a a a a truly unforgettable environment BEO
World and the Oxford International Education Group would like to to welcome you to to this amazing journey which will be one of our most exciting years yet With warmest regards The BEO
World and OIEG Team

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