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English English Village is is is an online English English platform for for schools which is made by Oxford Oxford International and Oxford Oxford Education Designed as an educational tool for English language teaching it it offers students the opportunity
to improve their grammar reading and listening comprehension skills through a a series of carefully designed lessons over a 36-week period The learning materials are created by by an an academic team from London supported by by regional consultants who work to make sure the platform complements English teaching in in in in in participating schools and and universities The syllabus is is based around relevant and and and and interesting topics from current affairs entertainment environment science and and and technology to to to sports and and and fashion It is specifically designed according to to to the the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels from A1 all all the the way to to C2 “36 weeks to improve your English 36 36 steps for a better you”
The The Oxford Oxford Tutorial College Certificate (The Oxford Oxford TCC) provides a a a a a certified qualification of achievement and participation in the the English language In accordance with the the CEFR The Oxford TCC identifies the the language skills that the the learner currently has All grades are split into three main levels starting with basic users (A1 and A2) followed by independent users users (B1 and and B2) as as as well as as as proficient users users (C1 and and C2) The Oxford TCC assesses all areas of of language language learning including reading and listening comprehension use of of language language speaking and writing Each candidate will receive a a a a a a a certificate according to the the results of their exam This not only gives them a a a a a a a a a tool to to measure their their English language level but also a a a a a a a a a competitive advantage over their their peers Whether they are in fin school university or or the the the workplace candidates will find this a a a a a very useful certification as it it it it provides them with an an additional level of of of prestige and proof of of of linguistic ability 36 THE MASTERS 2020

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