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Adult + Child
Baby Boomers
Your child is ready to discover the world actively through creative play and exploration. This class will include a dynamic blend of structure and freeplay. You and your child will par- ticipate in musical games, balance, and coordination exercises guaranteed to spell F-U-N! We will use incline mats, tumbling equipment, and the TumblTrak®.
Rockin’ Tots
Wiggle & giggle to a rockin’ tot beat! You and your child will be delighted throughout this musical and active movement adventure! Play with instruments like tambourines, maracas, drums, share props including balls, beanbags, hoops, and scarves. There will also be socialization time for your child in centers with other classmates.
Facility Program
Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center (Gymnastics Room)
Facility Program
18-2-3009A 18-3-3009B
Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center (Room6/Dance Studio)
Age Fee Day Date
1-2 $60R/$65N Wed Jun 6-Aug 1 1-2 $60R/$65N Wed Sep 12-Oct 24
Age Fee Day
1-2 $30R/$35N Mon
Sep 10-Oct 29
6:15p-7p 6:15p-7p
Toddlers in Action
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Get together with your child for building, coordination activi- ties, and creative movement. Small and large motor skills are emphasized in this exploration class. We will introduce new songs and activities each session. This class is designed for a toddler’s adventurous attention span. There will be 15 minutes of active circle time using music & props, then 30 minutes of large movement and spatial awareness. Incline mats, tumbling equipment, the TumblTrak®, and building blocks will also be used.
Brain research shows when learning an activity with music the brain embraces the information. Parents will join the fun with their child as we sing songs, recite nursery rhymes, dance, and use musical instruments. There will also be time for the children to play in centers to encourage socialization with other students.
Facility Program
Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center (Gymnastics Room)
Program Age
18-2-3008A 2-4 18-3-3008B 2-4 18-3-3008C 2-4 18-4-3008D 2-4
Fee Day
$25R/$30N Sat $25R/$30N Sat $25R/$30N Sat $25R/$30N Sat
Jun 9-Jun 30 Jul 7-Jul 28 Sep 8-Sep 29 Oct 6-Oct 27
9:30a-10:15a 9:30a-10:15a 9:30a-10:15a 9:30a-10:15a
Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center (Gymnastics Room)
Age Fee Day
2-4 $30R/$35N Mon
Date Time
Sep 10-Oct 29 10:30a-11:15a
Little Tykes Sports and Games
Take advantage of this opportunity for you and your child to bond and have fun together while learning a variety of sports. This class is great for simple motor skills such as throwing, catching, batting, shooting, passing, and anything that involves hand-eye coordination and footwork. Parent must participate with their child. Please wear athletic shoes. Activities will be held outside weather permitting. A sibling may attend for an additional $20 per session.
Facility Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center (Gymnastics Room)
For more Adult + Child programs, see page 67!
Program Age Fee Day
18-2-3010A 2-4 $60R/$65N Tues 18-3-3010B 2-4 $60R/$65N Tues
Date Time
Jun 12-Aug 7 6:15p-7p Sep 11-Oct 30 6:15p-7p

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