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Learn To Swim
This class covers swimming skills and water safety knowledge in a logical progression. On the  rst day of class, participants will be evaluated and placed into the appropriate levels based on skill. Sessions at Splash Station Waterpark include 1 built-in rain date for a total of 9 classes. If all 9 days are clear, the last session will be a “fun day” where participants will enjoy the water slides and other water park features!
Facility Program Age
18-2-9202A 6-14 18-2-9202B 6-14 18-2-9202C 6-14 18-2-9202D 6-14 18-2-9202E 6-14 18-2-9202F 6-14 18-2-9202G 6-14 18-3-9202H 6-14 18-3-9202I 6-14 18-3-9202J 6-14 18-3-9202M 6-14 18-3-9202N 6-14 18-3-9202O 6-14 18-3-9202P 6-14 18-3-9202Q 6-14 18-4-9202R 6-14 18-4-9202S 6-14 18-4-9202T 6-14 18-4-9202U 6-14 18-4-9202V 6-14 18-4-9202W 6-14 18-4-9202X 6-14
$60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N $60R/$75N
Day Date
Mon-Thurs Jun 4-Jun 14 Wed Jun 6-Aug 1 Wed Jun 6-Aug 1 Tues/Thurs Jun 5-Jun 28 Sat Jun 9-Jul 28 Sat Jun 9-Jul 28 Mon-Thurs Jun 18-Jun 28 Mon-Thurs Jul 2-Jul 12 Tues/Thurs Jul 3-Jul 26 Mon-Thurs Jul 16-Jul 26 Sat Sep 1-Oct 20 Sat Sep 1-Oct 20 Mon/Wed Sep 3-Sep 26 Mon/Wed Sep 3-Sep 26 Tues Sep 4-Oct 23 Mon/Wed Oct 1-Oct 24 Mon/Wed Oct 1-Oct 24 Sat Oct 27-Dec 15 Sat Oct 27-Dec 15 Tues Oct 30-Dec 18 Mon/Wed Nov 5-Nov 28 Mon/Wed Nov 5-Nov 28
Inwood Athletic Club (Pool)
One lane will be open for lap swim at all times – except during competitive swim meets, special events or rentals.
See our weekly pool schedule at
10:20a-11:05a 4:40p-5:25p 5:35p-6:20p 11:15a-12p 9:40a-10:25a 10:35a-11:20a 10:20a-11:05a 10:20a-11:05a 11:15a-12p 10:20a-11:05a
9:40a-10:25a 10:35a-11:20a 4:40p-5:25p 5:35p-6:20p 5:10p-5:55p 4:40p-5:25p 5:35p-6:20p 9:40a-10:25a 10:35a-11:20a 5:10p-5:55p 4:40p-5:25p 5:35p-6:20p
$60R/$75N Mon/Wed/Fri Jun 11-Jun
$60R/$75N Mon/Wed/Fri Jul 9-Jul 27 9a-9:45a
100 years
of baking excellence.
Facility Program Age
18-2-9102A 6-14 18-3-9102B 6-14
Fee Day Date
Splash Station Waterpark
Program Age
18-2-9203A 14+ 18-3-9203B 14+ 18-4-9203C 14+
Fee Day
$60R/$75N Sat $60R/$75N Sat $60R/$75N Sat
Date Time
Jun 9-Jul 28 8a-8:45a Sep 1-Oct 20 8a-8:45a Oct 27-Dec 15 8a-8:45a
29 9a-9:45a
Open Swim Schedule
Monday – Friday Saturday
11am – 6pm 1pm – 4pm 12pm – 6pm
Adult Swim Lessons
It is never too late to learn how to swim. Whether your goal is just to be comfortable in the water or stroke improvement, our instructors will work with you to set and achieve your goal!
Facility Inwood Athletic Club (Pool)
433 South Chicago Street Joliet, IL
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