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Welcome to the Sunshine and Rainbows Learning Center!
The Sunshine and Rainbows Learning Center is an extension of early learners at the Joliet Park District. The preschool program is over 40 years old. Today the Learning Center has openings for students in 11 di erent classrooms that attend either a 2-day or 3-day program in the morning or afternoon in the Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center.
The Early Childhood Classroom
The Sunshine and Rainbows Learning Center follows the Illinois Early Childhood Standards and Benchmarks. We teach children holistically and as individuals in a caring environment. In the classroom many di erent opportunities for learning are provided using center-based exploration, sensory tubs, developmentally appropriate literacy and math lessons, props, and manipulatives.
In addition each classroom has physical education and music instruction. Our learning center uses the “Handwriting Without Tears” method for teaching pre-writing and printing skills. Computer time is also available to reinforce colors, shapes, patterns, and letter recognition through the use of the mouse and keyboard.
Family Involvement & Community Events
We include the family in many events. We have musical presentations in fall and winter and also at graduation. All classrooms, according to the Early Learning Standards, are involved in the following activities: Family Picnic, Grand- parent’s Dance, Mother’s Day Tea, Family Dance, and Bicycle Rodeo. These are just a few of the events held during the school year. We also take part in community outreach programs to help teach caring, sharing, and giving.
Preschool Birthday Parties
Have your child’s preschool class birthday party directly after your child’s preschool day. We will extend the day to make it convenient for you and the other parents. Call Karen Cooper at 815-741-7275, ext. 129 for information.
Weeping Willows/Flying Solo Learning Program
This program is for the child who will miss the September 1st birthdate deadline for entering Illinois Elementary schools. The Flying Solo Learning program allows children who turn 2 or 3 years old after September 1st (and are ready to begin a preschool program) to attend an extended program available during the day.
Summer Learning
The learning does not stop in May! We o er the following enrichment learning opportunities for PreK-4th grade:
• Camp Star sh
• Kamp Willow
• Splish Splash Fun
• Travelin’ Sandlot
• Summer Puddle Jumpers
• Kinder Camp (PreK – 1st grade)
• Camp Sendak (1st – 4th grade)
• More Than Summer Learning
• Academic Readiness for Kindergarten
At the time of registration, you will need (no exceptions):
• Proof of residency (current utility bill or RDC)
• Copy of county-recorded birth certi cate by August 2018 parent orientation
• Credit or debit card information for the automatic monthly electronic funds transfer by the August 2018 parent
orientation, unless payment is made in full at the time registration. An electronic funds transfer form must be  lled
out. A $25 fee will be charged for any declined cards.
• There will be a full month (non-refundable, non-transferable) deposit at the time of registration. This deposit will
be applied to the Learning Center fees.
• A $30 graduation fee for all 4-year old classes is required at registration.
• Monthly payments are spread equally over an 8-month period (September – April).
2018 – 19 Registration ENROLLING NOW!
Registration is completed in person at the
Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center, 3000 W. Je erson St. Registration is taken on a  rst-come,  rst-served basis.
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