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Sunshine & Rainbows Learning Center 2018 – 2019
Sunshine & Rainbows Optional
Curbside Drop-Off and Pick-Up
We are o ering an optional curbside student drop-o  and pick-up for an additional fee for the months of November, December, March, April, and May. If you are interested in this optional program, please register, then we will contact you for further details. The entire school will have student curbside drop-o  and pick-up during the months of January and February at no additional charge.
Facility Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center (Curbside)
Facility Program
Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center
18-3-1030A 2 18-3-1030B 2 18-3-1030C 3 18-3-1030D 3 18-3-1030E 3 18-3-1030F 3 18-3-1030G 4-5 18-3-1030H 4-5 18-3-1030I 4-5 18-3-1030J 4-5
$170R/$180N Mon/Wed/Fri $150R/$160N Tues/Thurs $170R/$180N Mon/Wed/Fri $170R/$180N Mon/Wed/Fri $150R/$160N Tues/Thurs $150R/$160N Tues/Thurs $170R/$180N Mon/Wed/Fri $170R/$180N Mon/Wed/Fri $150R/$160N Tues/Thurs $150R/$160N Tues/Thurs
Program Age Fee Day
Sep 5-May 20 Sep 4-May 21
9a or 12p 9a or 12p
Age Monthly Fee Day
Date Time
Sep 5-May 20 9:15a-11:30a Sep 4-May 21 9:15a-11:30a Sep 5-May 20 9:15a-11:30a Sep 5-May 20 12p-3p
Sep 4-May 21 9:15a-11:30a Sep 4-May 21 12p-3p
Sep 5-May 20 9a-11:30a Sep 5-May 20 12p-3p
Sep 4-May 21 9a-11:30a Sep 4-May 21 12p-3p
18-3-3001A 18-3-3001B
2-5 $70 2-5 $60
Mon/Wed/Fri Tues/Thurs
Sunshine & Rainbows Preschool
Enrichment Extended Program
Every day is an adventure in learning. This enrichment program is designed as a continuation of time directly after Sunshine & Rainbows Learning Center class and a wonderful extension of our Learning Center Program. Your preschooler will join friends from their class and meet new friends from other preschool classes. The Enrichment Program will incorporate further learning and fun. Our caring and experienced sta  will provide enjoyable activities your child will look forward to. Each child is required to bring a brown bag lunch (lunch will not be provided). Monthly installment pay- ments are available.
Program Highlights:
• Counting, alphabet and handwriting practice • Computers
• Arts & crafts
• Storytime/theater
• Quiet time
• Group and individual playtime
• Gymnastics/tumbling instruction
• Daily fun in the indoor gym or outdoor playground • Swimming on Friday afternoons
• 3 year olds meet in room 4
• 4 year olds meet in room 1
Facility Program Age
18-3-3002A 3-5 18-3-3002B 3-5
Annual Fee Day Date
$1125 Mon/Wed/Fri Sep 5-May 20 $810 Tues/Thurs Sep 4-May 21
11:30a-3p 11:30a-3p
Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center
A Day in the Class...
• Children arrive at Sunshine & Rainbows Learning Center
• Together Time: welcome song, language, show & tell, instruction for the day
• Free Play/Creative Art: creative art
materials are available for children’s use
• Clean-up: children share the
responsibility of putting the toys and
materials back in their proper places
• Story Time, computers, laptops & iPads
• Music, physical education, word time
• Handwriting Without Tears
• Circle Time: concepts,  nger plays,
games, & songs
• Structured physical education time
Preschool Orientation for Parents & Children NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN SUNSHINE & RAINBOWS LEARNING CENTER - 2 Days!
Families are invited to attend an open house information session on Sunday, April 29 at 2 pm in the Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center. The director and classroom teachers will be available to answer your questions. Take a tour of our facility, and receive information about our Early Learning Center policies and other program procedures.
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