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Specialty Camps
Kamp Willow
This will be the  rst camp experience for your special little one. Your child will be nurtured as he/she learns to cope with separation and will be introduced to group interaction. Hands- on activities will allow him/her to learn while exploring. Large motor skills will be developed through indoor and outdoor activities. Children must be age 2 by the class start date. Children do NOT need to be potty trained.
Facility Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center (Room 5) Program Age Fee Day Date Time
18-2-3012A 2-3 $200R/$210N Mon/Wed/Fri Jun 4-Jun 29 9:30a-11:30a 18-3-3012B 2-3 $200R/$210N Mon/Wed/Fri Jul 9-Aug 3 9:30a-11:30a
Summer Puddle Jumpers
Whether you’re planning to enroll your child in Sunshine & Rainbows Learning Center, or another area preschool, these classes are necessary. Our curriculum includes valuable, developmentally appropriate activities. Children do not have to be potty trained and parents do not stay with their children for this camp. Summer Puddle Jumpers focuses on getting children accustomed to being away from parents in a warm, caring natural environment. Our goal is to overcome the tears, complete an art creation and teach class participation skills, but also focus on more preschool preparedness skills. As the child progresses, he/she will be encouraged to make choices between interest areas, taking turns, listening, circle time, following directions, sharing, and participating in clean-up time. Your child will work on  ne motor skills as they learn to use a glue stick, write, draw, and paint using a variety of art materials. Your child will also visit our sandbox, playground, and  ower gardens, and will use our sensory tables. Please dress your child in play clothes.
Travelin’ Sand Lot
This program will visit Glen Marcum Garnsey Park and John Leach Park. Sta  will provide classroom activities on site including music, movement, arts, and crafts. Playground games will round out this creative morning of fun entirely outside. Lunch will be provided. A detailed calendar of activities will be handed out during the  rst class session.
Facility Glen Marcum Garnsey Park (Pavilion) Session A John Leach Park (Pavilion) Session B
Program Age Fee Day
18-2-3540A 3-6 $30 Fri 18-2-3540B 3-6 $30 Fri
Splish Splash Fun
Jun 8-Jul 27 Jun 8-Jul 27
9:30a-12p 9:30a-12p
This is a unique 1-day-a-week camp for your preschooler, packed with exciting, developmentally appropriate activities. During this time children will participate in water activities, arts, crafts, games, free and structured play songs, stories, and much more. Lunch will be provided.
Facility Program
18-2-3539A 18-3-3539B
Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center (East Gym)
Age Fee
3-6 $70 3-6 $70
Thurs Thurs
Date Time
Jun 7-Jun 28 9:30a-12p Jul 12-Aug 2 9:30a-12p
Facility Inwood Park (Small Pavilion)
Each star will shine as we feature a wide spectrum of entertaining experiences! Our adventures will include mini hikes, crafts, stories, nature projects, plus a variety of sports and games. Camp is held at Inwood Park to round out the natural learning experience. A snack will be provided.
Camp Star sh
Program Age Fee
18-2-3529A 3-5 $190R/$200N 18-3-3529B 3-5 $190R/$200N
Day Date
Mon-Wed Jun 4-Jun 27 Mon-Wed Jul 9-Aug 1
9:30a-12p 9:30a-12p
Facility Program
Inwood Park (Small Pavilion)
Age Fee Day Date Time
4-8 $150R/$155N Mon-Wed Jun 4-Jun 27 12:30p-3p
18-2-3533A 18-3-3533B
More Than Summer Learning
4-8 $150R/$155N Mon-Wed Jul 9-Aug 1 Academic Readiness for
Your child will enjoy more than summer learning using child centered, integrated curriculum that addresses  ve important early learning areas: math, art, music, science, and reading and writing. Your child will be engaged in creative, unique, and fun activities by using a variety of materials. Lunch will be provided.
Will your child be ready for kindergarten? Your child will
be introduced to, or review necessary skills for kindergarten success. We will make learning numbers, understanding math concepts, reading, writing, and science fun. Let your child explore while engaging in games and activities working both in group and individual settings. Snack will be provided.
Facility Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center (Room 5)
Program Age Fee Day Date Time
18-2-3011 5-7 $200R/$210N Tues/Thurs Jun 5-Jul 26 12:30p-3p
Facility Program
Kathy Green Multi-Purpose Center (Room 5)
Age Fee
3-5 $200
Day Date Time
Tues/Thurs Jun 5-Jul 26 9:30a-12p
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