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Senior Tour
Tour #
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Wednesday, April 25 Tuesday, May 1 Tuesday, May 8 Tuesday, May 15 Wednesday, May 23 Tuesday, June 5 Tuesday, June 19 Tuesday, July 10 Tuesday, July 17 Tuesday, July 24 Tuesday, July 31 Tuesday, August 7 Tuesday, August 14 Tuesday, August 21 Tuesday, August 28
Type of Event
6-6-6 Best Ball Senior Scramble 1-2-3 Best Ball
2 Best Net Ball Individual Low Net Senior Scramble
2 Man – Pick Your Partner/NBB* 1-2-3 Best Ball
Senior Scramble
6-6-6 Best Ball
1-2-3 Best Ball
2 Man – Pick Your Partner/NBB* 6-6-6 Best Ball
2 Best Net Ball
Senior Tour Championship
Entry Deadline
Friday, April 20 Friday, April 29 Friday, May 4 Friday, May 11 Friday, May 18 Friday, June 1 Friday, June 15 Friday, July 16 Friday, July 13 Friday, July 20 Friday, July 27 Friday, August 3 Friday, August 10 Friday, August 17 Friday, August 24
Golf Course
Inwood Wedgewood Wedgewood Wedgewood Woodru ** Inwood *** Wedgewood Wedgewood Woodru ** Wedgewood Wedgewood Wedgewood Wedgewood Wedgewood Wedgewood
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Senior Tour Tournament Rules
• All Players must have a USGA Handicap.
• Players must play in 6 events to be eligible for the Senior Championship.
• Players must be at least 50 years of age.
• Each event will have a $20 entry fee.
• Event deadlines will be the Friday before the event. Teams and tee times will then be determined.
• Each event will start at approximately 8:30 am. Please call the weekend prior to the event to con rm tee times. • Non Pass Holders will pay $15 to walk or $27 to ride during Senior Tour events.
* NBB – Stands for Net Best Ball.
** Tee Times at Woodru  begin at 9:00 am.
*** Tee Times for Inwood on Tuesday, June 5th will begin at 7:00 am.
Golf Outings
Our Golf Courses are the perfect location for your next golf outing. Whether you are hosting a corporate outing or a charity fundraiser, our challenging, but player-friendly courses are enjoyed by golfers of all levels. Let us customize a package that will accommodate your needs. Our sta  and courses are equipped to handle any size event. Based on your number of players we also o er many food options ranging from a continental breakfast to a steak and potato dinner bu et. Call 815-741-7275 ext. 117 for information.
Did you know you can rent the Inwood Golf Club Facilities?
Rentals are year-round! We o er a beautiful setting and plenty of space for all of your family and friends to join you for your special occasion. For rental rates and food/ beverage options, please contact Jodi Brooker,
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