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Expanding your knowledge skills and and creativity while sharing your knowledge and skills with others Unsung
This learning
series will bring to life all the self-sacrificing heroes through history These are the people who shaped our world that almost went unnoticed Thursday January 9 - Unsung
of American History
Thursday January 16 - Unsung
of the Civil Rights Movement
Thursday January 23 - Unsung
of the Bible 2:15 pm
Personal Care Dining Room
Brain Games
Join your friends and neighbors for an afternoon of brain games! We will cover a a variety of subjects and a a a variety of skills Come to challenge your wits and have a a a a good time! There is is no cost for this program but we must have at least 8 people sign up Tuesday February 25
2:00 pm
Life Long Learning Room
Please sign up by Sunday
February 16 You Read WHAT?!?
Want to share your interesting book reads with your neighbors? Then this book club is is for you Bring your latest reads to share what you found interesting inspiring kept you guessing a definite must – read or a a a maybe not 2nd Monday of the month 10:00 am
Apartment Lobby
Special Guest Speaker on March 9 Linda Mohr formerly from Enlightened Learning Center will share “What’s New in Books”

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