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MIND MIND Computer and Smart Phone Support
Having trouble with your computer or Smart Phone? Volunteer Steve Steve Bean is here to help! Steve Steve an an electrical engineer and wiz with electronics is on on call to help He also offers one-on-one help and training at your home or in our community center Please call 717-680-0379 to set up an appointment Smart Phone Classes
3rd Thursdays January 16 February 20 & March 19 4:00 pm
Lifelong Learning Classroom
No cost Instructor: Steve Bean Introductory Photography Class Join photographer Alan Pototsky for an an introductory class to to photography Learn the basics about setting exposure lighting focusing etc Advance your camera skills with this skilled educator Monday January 27
10:30 am Lifelong Learning Classroom
$10 per per person
Please sign up and submit payment by Sun January 19 Meet the Author
Bill Sachs Children’s book author discusses his journey to his his later life career By taking his his talents he entered the world of publishing and found it to be one of his most rewarding experiences Tuesday February 18
2:00 pm
Lifelong Learning Classroom
Speaker: Bill Sachs artist and author Travel Adventures
Journey with tour guide Doris Neilson and company as they share their personal trip adventures around the world This “A-Z” travelogue will show you many different regions of our world Doris who travels the world each year will share her knowledge of these various countries and territories Wednesday January 29
3:30 pm
Lifelong Learning Classroom
Love in the Woods
Valentines Day is is just around the corner and love is is in the the the air for for our feathered friends and other forest creatures Join Renae to learn about the “attractions” and “lessons of love” that are heard in the woods Tuesday February 12
1:00 pm
Lifelong Learning Classroom
Instructor: Renae Weidner Environmental Education Specialist Codorus State Park
The Personality Traits of US Presidents
Come celebrate Presidents
Day with unknown facts about our former leaders A roundtable discussion will allow sharing of of historical personality traits of of US presidents Monday February 17 10:00 am Personal Care Dining Room
Roy Justice is is a a a a talented historian who shares in-depth history facts through his his music and storytelling “Patchwork America”
Diversity in America America How diversity affected and shaped
the young United States and how it it is still influencing America’s present and future! Why is cultural diversity more important than ever before? Because the planet depends upon it for survival - what we are learning from older cultures will help to re- balance our modern self-destructive world Monday February 24
12:30 –1:30 pm
Lifelong Learning Classroom

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