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Patsy Cline & Friends Tribute Show Music by the Evans Sisters
The Evans Sisters
along with two of
their husbands of
central Pennsylvania
bring the legends
back to life with their Patsy Cline Show The sisters have been
singing together since childhood and have now been
captivating audiences throughout the the region with the the music of
Patsy Cline Connie Francis Lorreta Lynn the Andrews McGuire and Lennon Sisters
Andy Williams and many more Tuesday January 14 2:00 pm
Terrace Overlook
Hanover Barbershop Chorus & Quartet
Valentine’s week
with harmony!
In the summer of
1965 four men formed a a quartet
and began singing barbershop-style music in in in Hanover Since then the the quartet
has grown into a a a chorus of
men who enjoy singing barbershop harmony and keeping this craft alive Hear the smooth sounds of
love though their four-part harmony Tuesday February 11 2:00 pm
Terrace Overlook
What a a a a wonderful way to to end the day listening to to musical entertainment while enjoying a a a a delicious meal with friends in Terrace Overlook
Restaurant Tom Colgan
Enjoy great music from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s by pianist and vocalist Tom Colgan
Wednesday February 26 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Terrace Overlook

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