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Movie Nights: 1st Tuesday of the month • 6:00 pm
January 7
A Dog’s Purpose
(2017 Family starring Britt Robertson K J J Apa John Ortiz & Dennis Quaid)
This heartwarming comedy-drama
follows a a a a a dog as as he is reincarnated as as different breeds belonging to various
owners Over the course of multiple
lifetimes the canine’s existence intersects with that of a a a young boy who rescued him in 1962 January 14
A A Dog’s Dog’s Journey (Sequel to A A Dog’s Dog’s Purpose)
(2019 Family starring Josh Gad Betty
Gilpin & Dennis Quaid)
Bailey is a a a a dog that has grown old
through the years who makes a a a promise to his owner that he will find
and and protect his granddaughter no matter what As Bailey’s soul jumps through multiple
lives he always finds his way to her as she goes through the highs and lows of life February 4
Angel Has Fallen
(2019 Action Drama Thriller starring Gerard Bulter Morgan Freeman & Piper Perabo)
A Secret Service agent suffering from
migraines and insomnia is accused of being complicit in in in an assassination
attempt on the President He struggles to evade his colleagues and the the FBI while attempting to uncover the the identity of the real perpetrators
February 11
The Art of Racing in in in the Rain
(2019 Drama Comedy starring Milo Ventimiglia Amanda Seyfried & Kevin Costner)
A dog named Enzo wants to be reincarnated into a a a a human The dog reflects on on his life and relationship
with a a a a a Formula One race car driver who understands that the the techniques needed on the the racetrack can also be used to successfully navigate everyday life March 3
Fast &Furious presents:
Hobbs & & Shaw
(2019 Thriller Suspense & Action starring Dwayne Johnson Jason
Statham & Vanessa Kirby)
Officer Luke Hobbs strives to uphold
justice in every facet of his life However when a a a genetically altered
cyber villain begins to endanger innocent citizens Hobbs finds that he must forge an unexpected partnership with rebel Deckard Shaw
to protect those they love March 10
Lion King
(2019 Family starring Donald Glover Beyonce & Seth Rogen)
A young lion returns to reclaim the throne and and the Pride Lands that were
stolen from
him and his his father by his his treacherous and fratricidal uncle after
spending his adolescence in in exile under the care and supervision of a a a a friendly warthog and meerkat 21

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