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MIND MIND Abraham Lincoln & the the Northern
Central Railway
Those that made a a a a a a difference
The Northern
Central railway was
an early successful railroad whose primary route was
between Baltimore & Harrisburg Abraham Lincoln had contact with the railroad three times but under different emotional settings This presentation is is about the the emotions of the the citizenry from just just before to just just after the Civil War February 21
1:00 pm
Fleck Center-Dining Room
Presenter: JOHN BROWN Susquehanna Speakers Association Presenter Diversity Celebration
An American Enigma - Despised & Revered
The 1950’s and 1960’s were a a time of national attention to the Black quest for equal rights To the the South the the Black challenge to rigid segregation law was
tantamount to an an an un-American insurrection To the North it was
a a a puzzling development because
of of their quiet social status of of the the moment Turmoil and violence regardless of who committed it it was
foreign to the majority Understanding was
a a a a problem experienced by both sections of the nation Presenter: Jim Wego Civil Rights Activist Luther Ridge Resident
January 20
1:00 pm
Fleck Center-Dining Room
Critters Beyond Your Back Door
“Critters Beyond Your Back Door
” features live native wildlife species-animals that live all around us and are important to our ecosystem The list includes small mammals snakes and birds of prey You won’t want to miss this live presentation February 20
1:00 pm
Group Exercise Room
Snow date February 27
Presenter- Jack Hubley Master Falconer
Brain Health
Exercising your your brain is is is like exercising your your body- with the right program you you can keep your brain young strong agile & adaptable Organized on on an an increasing scale of difficulty from “Warm-up” to “Merciless ” try out a a a variety of puzzles trivia quizzes brain teasers and and word games all fun and and engaging
to to play and are expertly designed to to give your brain the the kind of workout that stimulates neurogenesis the the process of rejuvenating the brain brain by growing new brain brain cells Mondays
1:00 pm
Fleck Center-Hobby Room
Instructor: Sadie Bird

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