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SOCIAL SOCIAL Shabath Mineral Wellness-Salt Cave
Natural Salt Caves are special because the air inside often had become purified and therefore provides natural relief from a a a a a a variety of conditions Halotherapy is most noted for benefitting and alleviating the following conditions: Asthma Chronic Bronchitis preventions of cold and influenza emphysema wheezing and and sinusitis The Session is is 50 minutes and and one can relax in a a a a a lounge type chair come out and try a a a new therapy that is proven to help Jan 21 Feb 18 March 24 12:30 pm
Chambersburg PA Cost: $15 00 The deadline to sign-up will be be the the Monday before the the outing-must have 5 residents signed up for the outing outing Middle Creek Wildlife Refuge & Brickersville House Family Restaurant Outing
The Middlecreek Management Area is a a a a a 6 000 acre Wildlife Management Area located in Lancaster & Lebanon Counties PA The lakes seasonally get up to to 100 000 snow geese Our hope for the trip is to to see those snow geese during migration Upon arrival we will stop at the the Visitors Center and see the the snow geese from the the observation area The group will then get on the the the bus and travel through the the the site to observe the the the snow geese Please bring binoculars with you After our observation we will enjoy lunch at at Brickersville House Family Restaurant March 6 8:00 am
Lancaster & Lebanon Counties Registration Required Niagara Falls & Toronto Coach Trip View the world’s most famous Falls from all all angles from a a guided
tour of the area and by boat See the beautiful
cosmopolitan city of Toronto Ontario with a a guided
tour including a a a a a visit to to magnificent Casa Loma Castle Tour historical Niagara-on-the-Lake one of the prettiest towns in Canada and more! We will be traveling with the the Jacob Brothers for this 4 night trip See trip flyer for for details and registration form provided by Patty Hoover Life Enrichment Leader May 11-15 2020 *A valid US US Passport or or or US US passport card is required 14

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