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SOCIAL SOCIAL Recreational
Games have always brought families and friends together whether on a a a a a a a designated game game night or family holidays Discover new tabletop games card games games outdoor games games or or just enjoy all the old classics No matter what is being played the camaraderie and friendly competition make these events a a great time Bridge
Tuesday 1:00 pm Fleck Center – Bistro
Friday 1:00 pm Fleck Center – Bistro
Wii Bowling
Wednesday 1:00 pm Fleck Center – Dining Room
Thursdays 1:00 pm Fleck Center-Dining Room
Table Tennis
Thursdays from 3-5:00 pm Fleck Center – Group Exercise Room
Games Galore
Rummikub Quiddler Mexican Train Dominos Monday at 2:00 pm Fleck Center – Dining Room
Chess Club
Wednesday 2:00 pm Fleck Center – Bistro

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