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Taking care of not only your body to maintain and improve physical strength and function but also making positive choices to nourish your body so that it can be as as healthy as as possible Classes
Let’s Dance
What a a a a great way to exercise! Review popular dance moves
from the 50’s and 60’s line dances and social dances Everyone is encouraged to come and watch dance in in your chair or join us on the dance floor!
1-8 1/22 2/12 2/26 3/11 3/25 1:00pm
Fleck Center-Group Exercise Room Instructor: Sadie Bird
Yoga for Everyone Gain the many
health benefits
of Yoga with the assistance and support of a chair chair The chair chair provides the ability to modify
both seated and and standing Yoga postures In this class we will work on balance strength and flexibility (45 minute class)
10:30 am
Fleck Center – Group Exercise Room Instructor: Sadie Bird
Stretch & Breathe
Take a a a few minutes out of your day
to feel better better and function better! Stretch all the major muscle groups in your body from head to to toe and work on on relaxation techniques The majority of this class is is seated and welcomes all fitness levels Monday
10:00 am
Fleck Center – Group Exercise Room Instructor: Sadie Bird

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