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Chair Strength
This class incorporates chairs for seated and and standing exercises along with a a a a a variety of resistance training equipment to build strong muscles bones and better balance Monday
10:30 am
Fleck Center – Group Exercise Room Instructor: Sadie Bird
Small Group Strength
Increase your muscular strength toning and range of of movement to help with activities of of daily living in in a a a small group setting Exercises may use weights resistance bands body weight and and more!
10:30 am
Fleck Center- Group Exercise Room Instructor: Sadie Bird
Exercise with Bonnie
The music and choreographed
low impact routines are fun upbeat and get you moving
during this 45-minutes class You
work at your own level of fitness Light hand weights may also be used for muscle maintenance and toning section for even more of a workout Tuesday
10:30 am
Fleck Center – Group Exercise Room Instructor: Bonnie
Spirit Striders Mall Walking Group As the temperatures drop don’t let that keep you from moving
Walk the Chambersburg Mall at your own pace or or with the the company of a a a neighbor from Luther Ridge There are plenty of places to to sit if you need to to rest The group walking for 30 minutes make sure to wear proper walking shoes and bring a a a a a bottle of water Transportation is provided please make sure to sign up Tuesday
& Thursday 8:30 am
Fleck Center Exercise Equipment Orientation
New to to the community or would you just like to to know how to to properly use the exercise equipment? Stop by the the Cardio Machine Room for an orientation to the the exercise equipment and identify those best suited for your personalized exercise regimen You
will receive a a hands-on demonstration of how to properly and and safely operate the equipment Jan 6 Feb 3 March 2
1:00 pm Fleck Center – Cardio Machine Room Instructor: Sadie Bird
Aquatic Class
Twinges in in in the Hinges
is is an aquatic exercise class designed to assist
individuals living with joint
pain (Arthritis) or mobility
difficulties Exercises are progressive based on ability and physician’s recommendation Class
is taught in shallow water by a a a a a medical professional Tuesday
and Thursday 9:45 am
YMCA of Chambersburg Registration Required-Transportation Provided

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