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Wellness Cooking with Chef Dave
During this monthly series Chef Dave
will spend time educating residents on on the preparation flavors and health aspects of soups We will take a a a a a closer look at soups with a a a a a a vegetable base bone broths and a a a a a a creamy soup Each session residents will get a a a a copy and a a a a sample of the featured recipe Jan 14
Feb 11 March 10 11:00 am Fleck Center- Dining Room Registration Required Food for Thought
We all all know it’s a a a a a challenge to eat healthy in our drive-through junk-food world Come and hear from CURA Dietician on on on the latest nutrition information and trends to to set the record straight when it comes to to nutrition Jan 16
Topic: Antioxidants and Brain Health Description: Discover how to fuel your brain for better health and taste some delicious brain- healthy recipes Feb 20
Topic: Carbohydrates Fats and Protein Description: Learn the ins and outs of the Big 3 March 19
“Eat Right Bite Bite by Bite” – National Nutrition
Month 2020®
Description: Come celebrate National Nutrition
Month 2020®
Learn how different cultures around the globe “Eat Right Bite Bite by Bite Bite ” National Nutrition
Month® is an an annual nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition
and Dietetics The campaign celebrated each year during the month of March focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and and developing sound eating and and physical activity habits “Bite by bite” supports the philosophy that every little bit bit (or bite!) of nutrition is a a step in the right direction Small goals/changes can have a a a a a a cumulative healthful effect Nutrition
doesn’t have to be overwhelming 1:00pm
Fleck Center-Dining Room Presenter: Kristen Vander Woude CURA Dietician MS RD LDN

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