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Cahoon Museum of American Art
4676 Falmouth Rd (Rt 28) Cotuit 508-428-7581 Located in the the former home of Cape Cod folk
artists Ralph and and Martha Cahoon Cahoon the the Cahoon Cahoon Museum of American American Art
is is now an an an an an expanded facility dedicated to American American art Enjoy the the maritime paintings of James Edward Buttersworth in in in the the the exhibit centered on his 19th century work: Master of the the Maritime: James E Buttersworth This runs through August 20 and and features numerous examples of his his maritime paintings beloved for their meticulous detail and and dramatic settings Cape Cod’s rich variety of bird bird bird life has attracted bird bird bird watchers and and bird bird bird carvers alike and and starting August 23rd viewers can enjoy the the exhibit A A Rest in in in in Flight: Cape Cod Bird Carvings featuring the the work of historic carvers Eldridge Arnold and A A Elmer Crowell as as well well as as prominent contemporary carvers Provincetown Provincetown Art
Assoc & Museum 460 Commercial St Provincetown Provincetown 508-487-1750 PAAM is a a a a a a a a nationally recognized year-round cultural institution In addition to their permanent
collection and temporary exhibits there are also three permanent
sculpture gardens with comfort- able seating Highlights for for this month include: JFK100: A Centennial Celebration that features artwork and ephemera from the JFK JFK Hyannis mu-
seum and and the the the Edward M Kennedy Institute for the the the United States Senate Also view the the the the portraits and and and landscapes of James Lechay in the the the exhibit Head and and and Hand that runs through August 20 At the the the end of the the month you de nitely don’t want to miss an an an an an exciting new exhibit and and PAAM acquisition: Ed- ward and and and Josephine Hopper from the Permanent Collection This exhibit begins on on August 25 and and features 96 drawings by by Edward Hopper Hopper 69 draw- ings ings and and watercolor by by his wife Josephine Hopper Hopper and and 22 diaries dating between from 1933-1965 chronicling the the Hopper’s lives on on the the Cape Cultural Center of Cape Cod 307 Old Main St South Yarmouth 508-394-7100 The Cultural Center of of Cape Cod is one of of the most engaging and and accessible cultural organizations in in in in in in the region offering instruction exhibition and and and entertainment in in in in in in a a a a a a a a range of of of visual literary and and performing arts August August kicks off with the the 15th Annual Celebration of of of the the the Arts Festival (August 4-6) that features dozens of of the the the Cape’s best artists and and artisans selling their jewelry pottery textiles note cards painted tile tile and and more Through August 16 you can catch Generations: The Art
of In u-
ence— a a a a a a a a a a twenty year retrospective and celebration of of Kim Sheerin’s work as a a a a a a a a a a a a potter on Cape Cod that also features art created by members of of her extended family n n After 10 successful years we will be be closing for good on September 30th To celebrate our incredible artisans have discounted their creations from 10 to 75%
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