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August is also a a a a a a great time of year to trek down to to to your local dock or or jetty and and sh sh for scup Scup
is a a a a a a a a a a a thin at at at at sh sh that can be very fun to to catch and and holds up well at at at at the dinner table You only need a a a a a a a a a a a a light rod or even just a a a a a a a a a dropped line with a a a a a a a a a small hook weight and and strips of squid Because scup scup are active hungry and and quick scup scup shing can be an an an an incredibly fun activity with kids It’s also possible to catch uke in in the same manner though scup are more common Fishing in in the Cape Cod Canal can can can be spotty but can can can can pay off Last August can can can can see lots of of large striped bass in the the the canal and while bigger gear
is needed due to the the the strong current the the the patient sherman may be rewarded with a a a a a a a a a a large catch The suggestion for night and and and early morning shing ap- plies here as well and and and the the pre-dawn and and and dusk hours can be the the most successful for catching larger sh Off-Shore Fishing While it is is possible to to catch larger uke black sea bass and tautog by shing on on shore you you will have far more luck if you’re able to to to get on on a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a boat and and into cooler waters waters Rocky areas can be great for sea bass and and tautog The warm waters waters of Nan- tucket Sound are home to to the squid loving uke and and and summer ounder and and and Ben from Forestdale Bait and and and and Tackle suggests heading into Nantucket Sound for black sea bass scup uke and and blue sh Speaking of blue blue blue sh sh sh August is a a a great month if you’re looking for blues Although blue blue blue sh sh sh show up in in in almost all all of the the the waters around Cape Cod they can especially be found in in in places where there is out ow from an an an estuary or or salt pond Catching blue sh sh can be a a a a a a a a a a a great introduction into sport sh- ing as their aggressive nature causes them them to to ght the the the the line This action also makes them them great for family trips If handled correctly blue sh sh can be an an an excellent dinner table sh sh sh especially when grilled or or or smoked Horseshoe Shoal in in in Nantucket Sound is a a a a a a a a popular popular location for catching blues Perhaps the most popular popular shing in in in August is of large blue n n n n n n tuna and because you need STRIPERS-R-US
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Capt David J Bois- USCG Lic • Specializing in in In-Shore for Bass & Blues
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Deep-Sea Fishing on Nantucket Sound!
Cruise into Nantucket Sound and nd nd nd yourself in in one of the the best areas for for shing on on on the the East Coast Our experienced
captains and and helpful crew make it fun for for everyone! Bottom Fishing and and and and Captain’s Choice cruises are available available all summer there is is is is is rod and and and reel rental available available and and and bait is is is is is free All you have to do is is show up!
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