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tinue to to catch them on-shore so if you’re bound to to the shore you may have some luck! This is is especially true if you head to the Cape Cod Canal While fish- ing ing the Canal can prove frustratingly inconsistent the the the Canal remains the the the best option for the the the shore fish- erman seeking a a a a trophy fish The Canal continues to produce big striped bass all summer long and while bigger gear is needed due to the the strong current the the patient fisherman may be rewarded with a a a a a a large catch catch Even if you you don’t catch catch a a a a striper you you may have luck with blue fish and bottom feeders in the Canal as well Night and early morning fishing can prove especially successful Off-Shore Fishing If you you prefer fishing off-shore you’re in in in luck as the warmer waters of of July tends to draw fish off shore and around to the ocean side Participating
in in a a a a a a a fishing charter is is is a a a a a a a great way to catch game fish fish like large stripers and bluefin tuna Be sure to note the full moon on on July 9th The brighter nights of that entire week could allow excellent night fishing as as tuna and striped bass feed more ravenously by the light of the moon Both Buzzards Bay Bay and Cape Cod Bay Bay are excellent options for off-shore fishing and Owen from Red Top Sporting describes the major benefit
of boat fishing is is is your ability to move and follow fish fish June proved an an exceptional month for striped bass bass in in in in Buzzards Bay The folks at Red Top Sporting weighed in in in in in a a a a a a a a 64 lb striped bass bass in in in in in early June an excellent omen for fishing in in in in July!
Ben from Forestdale Bait and Tackle mentioned a a a a a a a few of of his favorite spots for off-shore fishing in in the South Side: Collier Ledge and Lone Rock These areas are are great for for catching black sea bass to take home for for for dinner He recommended squid as as as as bait but little jigs work as as well If you’re looking for for blue- fish fish fish head to Horseshoe Shoal in in Nantucket Sound Though more of a a a a a a sports fish fish fish bluefish are especially STRIPERS-R-US
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