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The annual Nantucket
Dance Festival offers five
days of of programs related to contemporary and classical ballet The week is filled with free outreach events for both adults and and children and and lectures
by professional dancers are held throughout the week The festival culminates in in in in two stellar evening performances featuring stars from the the NYC Ballet Ballet Ballet American Ballet Ballet Ballet Theatre and the the Miami City Ballet Ballet Ballet 12 VISIT BARTLETT’S FARM 508-228-9403 - - - 33 Bartlett Bartlett Farm Rd Bartlett’s is the the oldest and largest family owned farm farm on on on Nantucket
One of of of the the the the biggest employers on on on the the the island the the the farm farm farm offers a a a a a a a a a wide selection of of of organic foods farm-grown fresh produce pre-prepared meals and non-food items for every occasion 4 STROLL HISTORIC DOWN- TOWN
Pick up the the the free 2017 Map of Nantucket
on on the the the Ferries from the the the the Visitor Services booth on on on Straight Wharf or or or on on on Chestnut Street Street Wander up the the the cob- blestoned Main Street Street then branch out and and explore the the the myriad adjoining streets The many homes are mostly historic and and have retained their charm and and character since the whaling era 5 JOIN A A A A NARRATED TOUR BY VAN OR MINI BUS
In just over an an hour visitors see highlights of the island • Ara’s Island Tours (1 5-2 hr tour): Text 508-228- 1951or call for pick up • Nantucket
Island Tours: 508-228-0334 - - - 34 34 Straight Wharf 6 TAKE A A A BIKE TOUR OF THE ISLAND
Bike Tours 508-367-1976 - - - 31 Washington Street Paved bike trails crisscross the island and and and its rela-
tively level landscape makes for for a a a a a a a a a a a a pleasant ride even for for inexperienced cyclists Nantucket
Bike Tours provides bikes helmets and experienced experienced guides who
give a a a fabulous overview of the island 7 LAUGH OUT LOUD AT THE COMEDY FESTIVAL JULY 2-15
www nantucketcomedyfestival org
The 9th annual four-day festival festival includes kids’
night night women’s night night and the the infamous Boston-NY Comedy SmACKdown Check the the the website for details Proceeds benefit the the Stand Up & Learn program for youth on Nantucket
508-325-5929 - - - 5 5 5 5 Bartlett Farm Rd Cisco Cisco Brewery is is is is is comprised of the the Nantucket
Vineyard the the the Triple Eight Distillery and Cisco Cisco Brewers Guided tours of the the operation run daily and and include samplings Head to to to to Cisco for a a a a a a a a a a late afternoon drink and and and to to to listen to to to live music Local bands are featured at at 4:30pm 9 RENT A A A JEEP TO EXPLORE MILES OF DESERTED BEACH
Affordable Rentals
508-228-3501 - - - 6 South Beach Street There are are are several areas on on Nantucket
with vast
stretches of shoreline which are are are only accessible by 4-wheel drive Pack up a a a a a a a a a a cooler and and your beach beach toys and and spend the the the day at the the the beach beach without the the the crowds!
10 TAKE A A A A A GHOST WALK WALK WITH RAVEN’S WALK WALK www ravens-walk com 508-257-4586
Stroll historic Nantucket
to to to hear a a a a a a a a mix of Nan-
tucket’s history history infused with its ghostly past Raven’s walk walk also offers history history walks and graveyard tours 11
When you go Look for the FREE
Map of Nantucket
Available on the Ferries • • • Hy-Line Cruises • • • Steamship Authority • • Freedom Cruise Cruise Line Line Available at at the the Airport
• Cape Air Air Air Ticket Counter at at the the Barnstable Airport
Available at Nantucket
Visitor Services 25 Federal St St & Straight Wharf (summer)
www MobileNantucket com 8 8 July
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