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Whale Watching with Kids
by Annie Heth
Anutrient rich plateau at at at the the mouth of of Massachusetts Bay Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary is the summer home to a a a a wide range of marine life both large and small Whales from around the world are drawn to this diverse feeding ground every summer before traveling south for the the winter In fact Stellwagen Bank is the the reason why
Cape Cod makes the list of top ten whale watch destinations in the the world and June through September is the the absolute best time to enjoy a a a a whale watch Whether you depart from Barnstable or or or Provincetown Harbor you are in in for a a a a a a treat When whale watching with kids knowing what to expect can greatly increase the the enjoyment of the the entire family Whale watching tours generally last four hours which includes an hour hour of travel to to get to to the watch site two hours of whale watching and a a a a a a one hour trip back Leaving the harbor the whale watch will begin with a a a a a a naturalist presen- tation tation about Cape Cod’s marine life These presentations are lled with interesting facts about the biology and geology of the area Hands on displays about baleen and and whale teeth as as well as as audio recordings of whale songs make this pre- sentation dynamic and entertaining for children as as well as as adults After an hour of travel the boat will slow as it reaches Stellwagen Bank and two hours of whale watching will com- mence Every whale watch is different but you will mostly likely experience humpback and nback whales interacting with their natural habitats as they feed and oat through the the the water Over a a a a span of two hours you will get a a a a chance to see these large mammals in their natural state and you may get Page 40 • Kids
on the Cape July 7 7 - August 3 2017

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