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lucky enough to watch them thrust their large bodies out of the water and splash playfully back down It is not entirely uncommon to to see a a a a whale mother with her her calf or to to watch several whales synchronistically ease through the water as as they strain plankton through the the the baleen in in their mouths The area is so rich with marine life that you are are almost guaran- teed to see more than just whales You may also experience larger mammals like blue blue shark giant blue blue n n n n tuna minke and and pilot whales sun sh dolphins and and porpoise An added bonus is the chance to view a a a a large numbers of birds that can only be seen by boat The on-board naturalist is is quick to point out extraordinary sightings and is also a a a a a a great resource for any budding marine biologists and children that are espe- cially interested in in in marine life If you you decide to go on a a a a a whale watch chances are you you will have an exceptional time That being said proper prepa- ration is essential when planning a a a a a a whale watch with kids Keep in in in in mind that whale watching tours often sell out during the summer months and a a a a a a a reservation is always a a a a a a a good idea It can also be helpful to familiarize yourself and your your family with the the whale watcher you have chosen: talk about the the trip ahead of time and address any concerns that your child may have Learning more about whales before hand can be be a a a a a a a great way to get your kids excited about the trip Grab a a a a a book on on whales and and marine life nd nd nd videos and and research online or or even check out the whale watch companies website for cool facts and and interactive information about whales and and the marine life of the the Cape While you’re researching the the large marine mammals it may be a a a a a a great time to remind your child that whales are wild animals and the experience of every whale watch will be be different A chat about safety before getting on the boat is is also a a a a a a good idea and it may be wise to establish rules for how to to behave on a a a a a boat prior to to boarding The website of your chosen whale watcher is also a a a a a great resource for for for safety information and for for for more details on on what you you can expect for your trip Four hours out on the open ocean can be physically draining and chances are you will leave the whale watch with tired kiddos The varying conditions of sun wind and fog can be exhausting and unpredictable Layering clothing is is essential even if it is is hot when you leave the the harbor the the conditions out on on on the water can change a a a a a surprising amount A well stocked travel bag will pay off Include sunblock protective clothing and and plenty of water and and snacks for all Arriving well hydrated and fed helps ensure a a a positive expe- rience although there are are also light fare and beverages for sale on on the vessel Also don’t forget to bring activities for for kids — — especially younger children — — to keep them entertained during the the down time of the the trip A whale watch is an incredible way to observe the rich marine life that surrounds the Cape and provides a a a a a a chance for for kids to learn more about marine animals and the efforts of naturalist organizations to understand and and protect the various species Whale watching is a a a a a must for every Cape Cod vacation and and adults and and kids alike will remember it as a a a a a a a a highlight of the trip Page 44 • Kids on the Cape July 7 7 - August 3 2017

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